Our Story


Pierogies have been a part of Marie Thorpe's life since she was a little girl. Learning first-hand how to make them from her grandmom, Thorpe perfected the art of the "pierogie pinch" over time and in 2003 decided to bring her passion to the world when she opened up The Pierogie Kitchen.

Since Thorpe opened up shop at 648 Roxborough Avenue she has been asked the same two questions over and over again: “How come your dough is so light and thin?” and “How are you able to make pierogies that taste like my grandmom’s pierogies?" "The answer is simple," says Thorpe. "We don’t cut corners and we use fresh ingredients.

Making gourmet pierogies on a daily basis doesn’t happen quickly, which is why we take pride when we say that we don’t skip any of the 16 steps in our family recipes—the same recipes my grandmom taught me. I smile when I hear those questions because I know I am upholding a storied tradition and art form—not only for my family, but also for our extended Pierogie Kitchen family. For me, pierogies mean family and tradition. Our dedication to this time-honored tradition is why we put on our aprons and roll up our sleeves every day to make small batches for daily use so that can proudly say we make the best and freshest homemade pierogies in Philadelphia."